Welcome on board of the Onan a 23 m schooner yacht, “the beauty“ of every bay or harbour she visits.

The Onan has Zakynthos as homeport and is perfectly equipped for your holiday with family, friends or any other company.


Sailing in Greece

The Ionian Sea stretches from Corfu to the south of the Peloponese.

In this area you will find many islands and smaller islets with lively harbours but also quiet anchorages and beaches. The area is most suitable for short and longer sailing-trips with shelter always around the next corner. The skipper knows the area very well and will certainly show you all the interesting places you would have missed otherwise. Sailing routes are discussed beforehand and in accordance with your own experience and wishes you can participate in actively sailing the schooner. The area has ideal weather for sailing, with the summerbreeze picking up around noon andthis makes this part of the Mediterranean ideal for exploring the bays and beaches around Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaca and all the other islands.

The sailing boat

With a lenght of 23 m the Onan is one of the biggest sailing boats in the Ionian and offers you an unique sailing experience combined with a maximum of comfort and space. 

Together with no more than 9 other guests we guarantee you a very comfortable holiday. 

In comparison other companies which sail smaller boats typically 12 – 14 m with the same amount of people aboard. More info about the boat ...

Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos is situated in the Ionian about 8 nautical miles south of Kefalonia and 15 miles east of Kylini (Peloponese) With a surface area of 402 km2 Zakynthos has a coastline of 123 km. 


The Venetians ruled over the island for more than 300 years and their influences are still noticeable. More info about the island Zakynthos and Greece ...