about us / the ship ...

Onancharters's been a long time in Greece and sailing for 5 years with a 23mtr schooner, a comfortable but fast sailor who distributes two masts carries about 250 square meters of sail.

Hoisting the sails, reefing, send self-anchoring, or to explain? You decide how you want to be involved. Active sailing or rather a spot on deck with a book or glass, on the Onan this is possible. On a ship with so much space on deck while sailing you're also not "hut mudje" in the cockpit. The home of the Onan, Zakynthos (Greece) is just 10 minutes drive from the airport. A taxi will take you to the ship.


The Boarding Place

In most cases, Zakynthos is the boarding point. In consultation is the boarding point or port at a different location possible. Of course there is such a large yacht skipper introduces you and cares for you to enjoy your leisure time. He speaks next to Dutch, English, German and Greek. He knows the area very well and certainly can make suggestions about the tezeilen routes, to walk the harbors, bays and entertainment.

the layout of the ship

With a width of five meters, the ship has lots of room inside and on deck there's a sea of ​​space for sunbathing or just enjoying the past murmuring sea, one glass of wine and everything that makes a sailing holiday a special experience . Even though of course you spend the most time outside, there also plenty plaats.`n Heuse galley with 4-burner stove, fridge and freezer. Hot and cold running water, and even a washing machine. There are also two spacious showers on board, and their separate toilets with wash basin. 5 Separate sleeping rooms can accommodate a total of 12 people, and you can comfortably slicing see a movie in the lounge. For the little ones so feel free to bring their own DVDs. In the navigation area, you can even open sea make your email open and of course there is everywhere 220 aboard.

Schooner Yacht

The Onan is short, next to a beautiful schooner yacht and fast sailing ship also a safe and comfortable platform where you feel with your family, friends, kids, relationships, or as an individual completely at ease.