Sailing routes Greece, 7-day trip

On ionian sea

Aboard the Onan routes and destinations are discussed beforehand between “crew” and skipper taking into account your own personal wishes as much as possible.

To give you an idea of how such a trip could look like we here print an example of a 7-day trip in Greece with 8 persons in September. 

As you may understand, the exact sailing routes differ per a group and the individual wishes. And of course you'll be able to experience active sailing on our ship.

Arrival on Zakynthos

[day 1]

It is only 9 in the morning when we arrive at Zakynthos Airport and most members of our group had to leave their beds in the early hours. Fortunately we don't have to wait to long for our luggage and we are met by the skipper to take us to the Onan. When our bags are aboard and everyone has found a bunk we meet in the harbour café for coffee, breakfast and planning. 

We decide to leave as soon as we have bought some food and drink and sail along the west coast toAgios Nikolaos for a first encounter with the sails and the blue Ionian.


After a brisk sail we drop the anchor in Xigia where everybody jumps overboard for swimming in the crystal clear waters. Here there are freshwater-sulfate springs which create a rather chilling sensation swimming through them.

We are not far from Agios Nikolaos now but once we have rounded the cape we decide to head forMikro Nisi, a picturesque small fishing harbour for an evening meal in the taverna.

Visiting Blue Caves

[day 2]

Next morning at 9:30 the early-risers are splashing around the boat already and it does not take long before we are underway again. As we did not reach Agios Nikolaos yesterday we give it another try because from here we like to visit the famous Blue Caves, rivaling the ones on Capri.

The experience to swim in the water and see your body change colour while being able to see the bottom crystal clear at 15 meter deep is unforgettable.

Later we decide to spend the night over here and look for a place to eat later that evening.

After a delicious meal with a fantastic view over the bay we arrive back at the Onan at night. It's time for a good night rest, as we have to get up early in the morning and there are plenty of things we need yet to see.

Along Kefalonia to Ithaca, the island of Ulysses

[day 3]

In the morning we are awoken by the small ferry that leaves from here to Kefalonia. We however are underway for Ithaca – The island of Ulysses. We have lunch while anchored in one of the bays on the south coast and at the end of the afternoon we find a space on the quai in Vathi the capital of the island. Plenty of tavernas of course but we decide to take two cabs for the village of Stavroswhere we arrive just in time for a sundowner in the garden of “O Posidonas” A memorable meal follows, after which half of the crew, strengthened by many glasses of the local wine, decide to walk back to the boat.

Kastos, Kalamos, Lefkas, Meghanisi and the uninhabited Athakos islands

[day 4]

A beautiful sailing day with on the horizon the islandsKastos, Kalamos, Lefkas, Meghanisi and the uninhabitedAthakos where we prepare our lunch in “one house bay”.

Also the one half of the crew that came walking back, now shows above deck but they are forgiven because they got lost somehow and only arrived back onboard when the first rays of the sun were warming the deck already.

Our lunch is their breakfast but the pasta salad does taste very well. We decide to set sail for Meghanisi, to anchor and barbecue the lamb we brought. Mooring is not possible here so after we load everything in the tender we go direction beach to make a fire. 

Later that night we are stretched out in the sand to watch the stars above.

Along the west coast of Kefalonia to Argostoli

[day 5]

Time flies when you’re having fun but we now are about 50 miles away from our home base.

There is hardly any wind though so we motor along the west coast of Kefalonia in the morning.

Beautiful steep cliffs and underway one of the most fantastic beaches of the Ionian.

Here we drop the anchor once again but quickly the weak north westerly strengthens to a force 6 and the skipper decides to leave this now unprotected anchorage.

After an exhilarating trip with speeds well over 9 knots we moor in Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. 

Another beautiful sailing day in the Ionian comes to an end.

Via Kefalonia back to Zakynthos

farewell party

[day 6]

Friday of course, the sun shines as ever but first we have to find the “waterman” to fill up the tanks of the Onan with fresh water. After shopping we leave Argostoli forZakynthos harbour. 

This stretch of open sea between Kefalonia and Zakynthos has a reputation for strong winds and big waves but in summer wind speeds rarely exceed force 5 or 6 Beaufort.

Farewell party in the restaurant Arekia

It is only in the afternoon that the wind picks up but now we are close to our home base already we are planning a farewell party in one of the most well known taverna's in the Ionian – Arekia.


Here every night “Canthades” are performed, the typical Ionian form of music with a lot of Italian influences. Nol the skipper has arranged a table in the middle of the restaurant where we are in the centre of the happening. A most memorable evening follows with a lot of singing, music and dancing.

Two of our female crew are very popular by the Greek men, but our motto is “out together – home together”, so no Greek wedding for them.

Not the last sailing holiday

When the taverna slowly empties it is long past midnight, time to go to sleep. Still enjoying the music in my head I turn in my bunk for the last time, thinking that this will not be the last sailing holiday in Greece.