Zakynthos (other names are: Zakynthos, Zante) is located in the Ionian Sea, eight nautical miles south of Cephalonia and 15 nautical miles east of Kyllini (Peloponnese). Zakynthos is the southernmost island of the Ionian Islands group.

The area is 402 km and Zakynthos has a coastline of no less than 123 km. Zakynthos coastline is characterized by beautiful bays that do not reach the west for traffic on land because of its high cliffs interspersed with deserted beaches inaccessible. The west side of Zakynthos is mostly mountainous and offers fantastic views. The eastern part of Zakynthos is relatively flat with beautiful beaches.


In Greece, tourism has boomed. How could it be otherwise has a fantastic climate with plenty of sunshine and nice temperatures especially water. It is a peninsula surrounded by seas with fantastic sailing areas, picturesque beaches and harbors, beautiful islands and "last but not least" a hospitable nation.

The main source of income for the residents of Zakynthos is agriculture (citrus fruits and wine) and of course tourism.


The Venetians have over 300 years of Zakynthos prevailed and the influences are still evident. The Venetians called Zakynthos, Zante, flourishing di Levante (Flower of the East). In 1797 the Venetians were expelled by the French and then followed the British rule and finally the island of Zakynthos was annexed in 1864 in Greece.

Caretta-Caretta turtle

Zakynthos is also famous for the Caretta-Caretta turtle. Especially on and around the island Marathonissi come pretty much Caretta-Caretta turtle nests for. In this area the water is very clear and the underwater world is rich in plant anemones and colorful fish. A true paradise for the diver.

blue caves

At Cape Skinari in the north of Zakynthos are the Blue Caves which are generated by the action of the sea, really worth a visit.


Zakynthos Town Shopping, nightlife, museums and the Venetian Kastro

Ship Wreck: White beach with the ship wreck

Gerakas On Gerakas find very beautiful sandy beaches

Marathonissi: Loggerhead Turtles

Agios Georgios: Kremna monastery with beautiful views

Giri: Highest Giri village with old windmills

Kambi: Beautiful sunsets

Keri: Mountain village

Limni Keriou: Dive in Limni Keriou

Kalamaki: Sandy beach, Caretta's nest

Agios Sostis: Mini beach, terraces, plane spotting



Zakynthos (from the Netherlands) directly accessible by plane or with scheduled services from Athens. You can also take the bus or train to Kyllini and cross from there by ferry to Zakynthos. In the summer there is also a local boat connection between Zakynthos and Kefalonia. In season there are direct charter flights to Zakynthos.